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Why you should never bank in Britain!!

For years I warned people in the UK about the dodgy practices of British banks, in particular the use of excessive fees to bankrupt individuals and businesses so that the self-same banks could in turn buy the assets back on … Continue reading

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False Economics – Low Interests are always a good thing.

Low Interest Rates may help you buy your house or car on the cheap but are just storing up problems for long-term savings like pensions. Warning this is not an article to be used as a basis for dinner table … Continue reading

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Moving on.. to LIST

After 5 years as “short-term” contract staff at the University of Luxembourg I have moved to the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology. There I will work within the Environment Research and Innovation Department where I will look at how … Continue reading

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Moving to Luxembourg?

This is a revised version of an article published in 2012, revised August 2015.   Luxembourg? That’s just a city with lots of banks right? Surprisingly that view still holds in the eyes of many. If you are moving to … Continue reading

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New book chapter in process…

Ethics, Privacy and Trust in Serious Games. McCall, R., and L. Baillie  Handbook of Digital Games and Entertainment Technologies, edited by Ryohei Nakatsu, Paolo Ciancarini and Matthias Rauterberg. Springer.

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