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Paper: Reducing Traffic Congestion Through Pervasive Gaming

Last year we presented a short position paper at the “Workshop on the Car as An Arena for Gaming” which was held during MobileHCI 2012. It was chosen as the best paper from the workshop and we have subsequently published … Continue reading

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Paper: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again – Subjective and Behavioral Presence Measurement in the Augmented Reality Game TimeWarp

Authors: Jennifer Klatt, Simon Ten Broeke, Astrid M. von der Pütten, Anna-Christin Schütz, Jens Vervoort, Roderick McCall, Nicole C. Krämer, Richard Wetzel, Lisa Blum, and Leif Oppermann. Presence Conference. Edinburgh Napier University, 2011 Abstract: Presence measurements are traditionally using a … Continue reading

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Review: Google Nexus 7

Quite simply this is an excellent little tablet and given it was reduced to €189 when I bought it also excellent value! If you want more information then please read on. Specification wise the device comes with 16GB of storage … Continue reading

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North Korea Launches Android Tablet?

Well not quite the country but Talk Android reports that a company there appears to be launching a tablet. I didn’t even know that such a closed country had tablets and personally I would have through such a closed country … Continue reading

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I-GEAR Gears Up in Luxembourg

For those of you who are interested, Luxembourg has one of the worst traffic problems in Europe, being rated at number 10 in the congestion league table according to a survey by TomTom a few years ago. Right now we … Continue reading

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