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Why Islamic Extremists and UKIP Supporters are Almost Best Friends

France 24’s The 51 Percent presented by Annette Young carried the shocking story that in some French cities women are no-longer allowed to visit cafes (see the video above). The video shows that women cannot walk freely or indeed just go for a … Continue reading

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Scotland: Will it get Nasty after Independence?

With Scotland edging towards independence and the far right parties gaining in popularity in England, what would any independence settlement look like? The answer is we hope it will be peaceful but in reality we don’t know. Britain’s Marine Le … Continue reading

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Tiree Tech Wave

Being from Scotland although not from quite as far North (which makes it probably a whole lot less windy) the following event appears to my sense of IT adventures in the wild… Alan Dix is to say the least well … Continue reading

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Texas “Outlaws” Tampons

Do you remember the saying “guns don’t kill Tampons do”? Well apparently over in America’s sanest state the senate is to restrict the bringing in of feminine hygiene products in order to prevent angry women from throwing them at their … Continue reading

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Linux Mint 15

As you may have guessed I do rather like Linux Mint and indeed I have now been running it for about 3 years on two different netbooks. Well as much as I like Mint 13 XFCE  (see the review here), … Continue reading

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