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Battery Issues: Nvidia Shield K1

The Shield K1 is a great tablet, not too expensive and with great graphics what’s more out of the box it works great. Yes I did use the word great a lot in the last sentence. However, there is one … Continue reading

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Overview Bitcoin gets a somewhat bad reputation in the press with it being described as dirty money for criminals and Russian tax-dodging billionaires (who used it to get their money out of the Cypriot banks).¬†Therefore if you are looking to … Continue reading

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Tiree Tech Wave

Being from Scotland although not from quite as far North (which makes it probably a whole lot less windy) the following event appears to my sense of IT adventures in the wild… Alan Dix is to say the least well … Continue reading

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Geekville: ASCII Celebrates it’s 50th Birthday

Image Source: Wikipedia. ASCII chart circa. 1972. For those of us who have had a computer for slightly too long ASCII is perhaps something of a childhood friend. In the days when computer graphics were somewhat basic, the standard ¬†ASCII … Continue reading

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