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Best Exchange for Bitcoin Beginners

If you are new to Bitcoin there are many places you can join and starting trading on within a matter of minutes. Many good options in Europe include:,, Bitbay and Paymium. All have their distinctive advantages but some … Continue reading

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Review: Bitbay Crypto Exchange

Bitbay is a Polish based Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin exchange which lets you trade in USD, PLN or EUR. In addition to basic trading features they also let you pay bills and buy BTC via SMS; although at the time of writing … Continue reading

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I’ve been using for about a year now and I have to say the service is very good, in general no dodgy dealers and their own customer service is excellent. However, lately the exchange has become more or less … Continue reading

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Review: Paymium Bitcoin Exchange

Paymium unlike some rivals is not an over the counter exchange, i.e. you do not deal directly with other buyers and sellers but instead trade via the exchange. For example, if you have a Bitcoin the easiest way to sell … Continue reading

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Financial Paranoia? RT, Max Keiser and Zerohedge

Why don’t you pop on over the for a spot of financial paranoia? If you believe what you read then the dollar is worth nothing, gold is worth something and Bitcoin is the future. What’s more if you also … Continue reading

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