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Review: Linux Mint 13 XFCE

It’s really rather good! Updated: 1st September 2012  If you are experiencing sound problems with Mint 13 then click on this article for more information. Being a long-time Mint user I to be honest did not really consider any other … Continue reading

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Olympics Free Blog, no more! Well done to Team GB!!

It seems that my homeland (Scotland) has secured it’s best hall of medals ever at this year’s Olympics (see the BBC news website for more info). Of course we competed under Team GB which is also celebrating a massive amount … Continue reading

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Reminder: LiveCity Design Competition Deadline Approaches

The LiveCity project announces an open competition for the design of a mixed reality gaming experience that will connect the cities of Athens and Luxembourg! The aim is to bring the people in both cities closer together through the concept … Continue reading

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Would you pay for Google Services if there were no adverts?

I must admit that I rather like the various Google services such as Picasa, Gmail and the recently renamed Drive. Mainly as they just work, are reliable and are very easy to use. Indeed these features when coupled with the … Continue reading

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Review – First Impressions: HP DM1 Netbook

Updated: August 22nd 2012 with links to the Linux article. My longstanding Acer Aspire One finally became a little less safe this week when the power socket broke. This forced me into my pet annoyance e.g. having to spend money … Continue reading

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