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Review: Google Nexus 7

Quite simply this is an excellent little tablet and given it was reduced to €189 when I bought it also excellent value! If you want more information then please read on. Specification wise the device comes with 16GB of storage … Continue reading

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Working in Research in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is not usually the name of a country that you hear when the subject of academic or applied research comes up and indeed I often get asked, what, why or indeed how? If you are from outside Europe it … Continue reading

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TV on your Raspberry PI

Right now due to technical issues I am unable to access normal IP TV, so what’s a news junkie like me supposed to do?  The answer for now seems to be the Raspberry PI and OpenElec. The Raspberry PI itself … Continue reading

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Museum Visitors Wanted

The LiveCity project is looking for people to take part in an evening focus group about novel interactive experiences. We are currently building a game which people in Luxembourg and Athens can play together using multi-touch technologies and live interactive … Continue reading

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