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Special Edition of: Interacting with Computers – now out

A new special issue of IwC is out and focusses on Scale Derivation, for more info please visit the web page at Oxford University Press. “… numerous papers containing scales intended to assess various subjective aspects of usability as well … Continue reading

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Linux Mint 15

As you may have guessed I do rather like Linux Mint and indeed I have now been running it for about 3 years on two different netbooks. Well as much as I like Mint 13 XFCE  (see the review here), … Continue reading

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Geekville: ASCII Celebrates it’s 50th Birthday

Image Source: Wikipedia. ASCII chart circa. 1972. For those of us who have had a computer for slightly too long ASCII is perhaps something of a childhood friend. In the days when computer graphics were somewhat basic, the standard  ASCII … Continue reading

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The US is now the World’s STASI

The blanket spying (or wiretapping) on communications data in the USA predominantly  applies to non-US nationals according to the BBC (US security services seem to acknowledge this with some pride). As I reported in an earlier article on cloud computing the … Continue reading

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Paper Available on Designing Augmented Reality Games

Although from 2008 I have only come across a PDF of it again recently. The paper covers designing a location-aware augmented reality game and includes some concepts that may be useful for others. It won best paper at MobileHCI 2008. … Continue reading

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