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Financial Paranoia? RT, Max Keiser and Zerohedge

Why don’t you pop on over the for a spot of financial paranoia? If you believe what you read then the dollar is worth nothing, gold is worth something and Bitcoin is the future. What’s more if you also … Continue reading

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Quick Review: Acer Liquid Jade Z S57

The rather oddly named Liquid Jade Z S57 is one of the budget smart phone offerings from Acer. At around €180 it is good value for money and while it has a good screen it just feels cheap in comparison … Continue reading

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Is the tech cloud about to rain?

Cloud computing has arguably revolutionised swathes of IT services, with Google Drive and Dropbox both being excellent examples of good services which just work as they say. However, as yet it is very difficult to know how much money “upstart” … Continue reading

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Alternative Taxation

Over recent years we have seen an increasing erosion of state “welfare” while at the same time being asked to pay more sales or personal income taxes – they are rarely ever called income tax rises. In the UK they’ve … Continue reading

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False Economics – Low Interests are always a good thing.

Low Interest Rates may help you buy your house or car on the cheap but are just storing up problems for long-term savings like pensions. Warning this is not an article to be used as a basis for dinner table … Continue reading

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