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It feels like losing 27 friends

On Thursday Britain decided to say good bye to 27 friends and inside the UK it is clear the divisions remain. However, even if like me you find some of the reasons for Brexit wrong we must admit that the … Continue reading

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A Divided UK?

Populist “racist” Boris Johnson once said that London should be allowed to keep more of it’s money; he may now get his wish after his beloved city voted to stay in the EU. I am not a fan of big … Continue reading

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Brexit and it’s Friend Racism: The underlying reasons for leaving the EU!

“You know you are on the right side of the political divide when Wilders and Le Pen congratulate you!” In 2005 I left the UK for the EU for what was then an 18 month stint in “mainland Europe”. Mainland … Continue reading

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Best Exchange for Bitcoin Beginners

If you are new to Bitcoin there are many places you can join and starting trading on within a matter of minutes. Many good options in Europe include:,, Bitbay and Paymium. All have their distinctive advantages but some … Continue reading

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