I-GEAR Project Starts – Watch Out Drivers in Luxembourg

Earlier this month our new project I-GEAR started. I-GEAR itself stands for Incentives and Gaming Environments for Automobile Routing. Quite simply our aim is to cut traffic congestion in Luxembourg by exploring incentives and simple serious games that encourage people to change their driving behaviour. We’re just 10 days into it, but do check back in about three years time for the mobile app!

The project itself is led by myself with Prof. Dr. Thomas Engel of SnT/University of Luxembourg being the principal investigator. Together with our team of professors, post-docs and PhD students we will set about exploring the motivations of drivers in Luxembourg and finding novel approaches to subtly encourage them to change their normal driving habits. For example by giving them incentives to take different routes, drive more slowly or simply to do something else. We’ll also explore using game-like environments to encourage drivers to compete or collaborate with others in order to obtain “rewards”.

As ever more information about it and other projects can be found at www.securityandtrust.lu

I-GEAR is one of the many projects being undertake to explore vehicular networking technologies and applications within the SECAN-Lab research group (led by Prof. Engel).

I-GEAR is a 3-year €900k project funded by the FNR in Luxembourg.

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