Kickstarter: Open Source LiveCode – ends in hours!

I have used LiveCode on and off for about 12 years, it’s a rather nice tool for creating apps and prototypes quickly across platforms from Windows to Android. It is a commercial developer tool which includes a nice GUI builder and English-like programming language. The latter makes it ideal for use in education or when you just want to make something quickly. However, like most small indie platforms it lacks widespread use or indeed the bundles of cash needed to add new features or go open source, until now that is. They are going to offer an open source version which I think is an excellent way to proceed. They do however need your support and you can offer help from as little as $1 via Kickstarter.

For more info visit their kickstarter page.

Right now we use LiveCode for one of our projects and if it went open source it would help to save the tax payer some cash!

Info: I have a small stake in this company, although even if you back this the material benefit to me is probably less than the cost of a cup of coffee and what I have pledged probably cancels out the financial benefit of anyone else doing so!

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Rod McCall is a researcher in the field of human-computer interaction in areas such as augmented reality, mobile gaming in-car systems and virtual environments. He has a passing interest in economics after not being entirely convinced by the rubbish presented as fact during lectures on that particular subject while at uni.
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