Google Keep vs Evernote : Quick First Impressions

For information how to to get Evernote working on Linux click here.

Everyone I work with has probably been subjected to my recommendation of Evernote many times, but the reality is that it is a good way to keep an archive of pretty much anything. I use it for a whole range of things from keeping a record of things at work through to grabbing pictures of things I want to buy in shops (and adding notes) through to storing bills etc. However, as predicted by many Google has now released a similar tool called Keep, although it has to be said it is not quite as similar as some of the press would have us think. Indeed Google Keep is little more than a note taking application for Android.

User Interface

Google Keep like all their products looks nice, is user friendly and easy to use. Evernote has more features so is quite simply more complex and to be honest does not look as nice. However, once you get into it Evernote is easy to use but just feels slightly more clunky overall.

Audio Note Taking

Google Keep has a nice audio feature which lets you dictate notes then it will transcribe them into text for you – even if this is not 100% accurate. Evernote does not seem to offer this feature out of the box. Also Evernote only lets you record quite low quality notes which probably makes good speech to text conversion problematic. In general Google Keep easily wins this point.

Normal Note Taking

For text based notes Evernote is miles in front, its organisation (via notebooks) and tagging features are miles in front of what keep offers. You can also send notes directly to yourself via email. The tagging and notebook features in Evernote also make it a very good place to archive more than just casual notes.


Google Keep uses your existing Drive storage which means you don’t need to fork out for extra space (like Evernote). Evernote provides 60mb free per month, after that it costs around €40 per year for 1GB of uploads per month.

Integration with other Apps

Evernote integrates quite nicely with other apps such as Hellofax and offers a range of additional third party apps that can be connected to it. However, if all your date is already on Google Drive and you are using a range of other services in the longer term I suspect that Keep will provide a more integrated platform.

Supported Platforms

This is where Evernote Wins as it runs on almost anything from iOS through to Android via Windows and Mac. You can also run the Windows client on Linux without too many problems via WINE. There is also an Evernote extension for Chrome. Sadly from what I can see Keep is only available on Android.


Right now Keep is good if your demands are basic and it integrates nicely into the Google stable. However, Evernote is streets ahead in almost every other respect from supported platforms through to archiving data in a more coherent way.

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Rod McCall is a researcher in the field of human-computer interaction in areas such as augmented reality, mobile gaming in-car systems and virtual environments. He has a passing interest in economics after not being entirely convinced by the rubbish presented as fact during lectures on that particular subject while at uni.
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