It feels like losing 27 friends

On Thursday Britain decided to say good bye to 27 friends and inside the UK it is clear the divisions remain. However, even if like me you find some of the reasons for Brexit wrong we must admit that the vast majority of people who vote Leave did so as that is what they believe in, as I have said elsewhere they are not racists. They are simply people looking for someone and something to blame. That said it does now mean that those of us who support remain should engage in activities which allow us hopefully in part to do so. The people on all sides in Scotland whether they are Labour, SNP, Libdem or Tory must realise that they are elected to represent the Scottish people. They should put Scotland first and look for what is in our best social and economic interests. Now is not the time for old factions e.g. Labour vs SNP etc.

My main worry now is that that problems arise with Northern Ireland and Scotland. Whatever happens I hope the UK does not fall into ultra nationalism, a fear which  I have held for sometime. Even if it does all split, please don’t let it end in violence (take note Northern Ireland!).

About Rod McCall

Rod McCall is a researcher in the field of human-computer interaction in areas such as augmented reality, mobile gaming in-car systems and virtual environments. He has a passing interest in economics after not being entirely convinced by the rubbish presented as fact during lectures on that particular subject while at uni.
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