UK Government continues Anti-Foreigner Onslaught

Photograph by The Government of the UK.

Marine Le Pen MP. Photograph by The Government of the UK.

Britain’s very own Marine Le Pen, Amber Rudd MP (UK Home Secretary) this week announced plans which will force companies to disclose how many foreign employees they have. In a policy not dissimilar to Nazi Germany when symbols were put on Jewish owned businesses, UK companies will now face a similar system. While not using a logo and indeed (I hope) not deporting the foreign employees in question, companies will in effect be put into league tables with those deemed to be employing too many foreigners facing serious questions.

Given the BNP, Conservative and UKIP hate of Poles and other Eastern Europeans it is probably only a matter of time before additional data on the origins of those foreigners will start appearing. I guess though US nationals  will be exempt from such lists. Am I going to far? No, even LBC host John O’Brien noticed strong similarities between a passage in Hitler’s Mein Kampf and Amber Rudd’s racist tirade. Business leaders across the UK have also been quick to condemn this racial profiling of employees and France has even threatened to retaliate against Brits working there!

While this policy is clearly nowhere near as bad as anything which happened to Jews, homosexuals, undesirables and dissenters under the Nazi regime. It’s underlying philosophy is the same, i.g. to stigmatise certain groups and put the blame on them for the last 30 or years of social and economic failure in the UK.

The policy received much applause within the Conservative Party! Tells you all I need to know really.

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