Brexit: Not about Jobs for British Workers – Andrea Leadsom

‘Leadsom said investment in improving productivity with technology would be part of the answer: “As I’ve travelled the UK, I’ve seen a whole raft of new technologies that complement the workforce.” She added there were “large number of farmers that are yet to seize these opportunities”.’ (Source: Guardian)

UK farmers are saying that a combination of the crashing pound and lack of clarity on residency rights are discouraging EU migrants from working on farms. In turn they say this will lead to food rotting in the fields. At face value the lack of EU migrants working on UK farms should open the door for UK nationals to work in the fields but as the article in the Guardian linked above indicates, so far finding British workers to fill the gaps has been somewhat problematic.

I could have sworn that many UK politicians said that one reason for Brexit was that British jobs should be for British workers, now it would seem this is not the case. Indeed Amber Rudd went as far as to threaten employers who retained foreign staff after Brexit with naming and shaming and no doubt other things as well. Now it seems there never really was any intention of providing jobs for native Brits as the policy is to encourage the use of new technologies to reduce the need for workers! The quote from Andrea Leadsom, Secretary of State for the Environment has made this a clear priority (see the quote above from the Guardian).

Well done Brexiteers, not only will you end up kicking out all the foreign people in the UK (or have them thrown into detention centres, 3,400+ EU nationals have suffered that fate) but now you won’t actually get any jobs yourselves as you are either too lazy, too useless or indeed will be replaced by a machine anyway… So winners all round then!

The question is, if the farm machinery is made abroad will those farms be named and shamed? Would seem only fair! Lets ask Amber!


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