Xelio and the Google Play Store

Updated 24th June 2013. It seems the link below to the Google play app is now dead.

Good news! After becoming increasingly frustrated with the Xelio’s inability to officially use the Play store I realised it is possible and very easy. You don’t need to do anything as nasty as reflashing the device or editing random text files. The tip originally comes via the Android Forum in Germany and is from Peter, so thanks to him.

Link to original tip in German

For those who would like an English translation, here goes:

I will give you the instructions exactly as I carried them out, it may be possible for example to download the software directly to your Xelio. You will however need to have your Xelio and other computer on, plus the USB cable handy. You must also have a Google account and have enabled the downloading and installation of apps outside of the Play store. You can do this from inside the Apps, settings menus.

This is quite literally a step by step guide, if you are familiar with Android you can probably skip directly to downloading the Google Play file and installing it on your device. As for the deletion of the Google account, this is listed purely as it was the advice that was posted online. I have not tried installing Google Play without doing that so have no idea whether it also works without doing it.

If you follow these instructions then you do so at your own risk! 

  1. Go to your Settings->Apps menu on the Xelio and look for Google Play. Click on it and erase all data and cache information.
  2. Returning to the settings options, now select your Google Account. Delete the account from the list of those that are being syncronised.
  3. Download the following file, which is a later version of the Play Store App to your computer. The provider of the link has now removed it so please Google for Google Play App or try installing it through normal channels.
  4. Now plug in the Xelio to your computer
  5. Turn on USB Storage when asked to do so
  6. Copy the file you downloaded to the SDCard -> Download folder
  7. Now eject he Xelio from the computer
  8. Click on “Turn off USB device” on the Xelio
  9. Now to go the download folder in the EZ File manager programme. If you cannot see it click on the top icon furthest to the left in the file manager, then the screen should change to include the download folder.
  10. Click on the com.android.vending.x.x.x… This should now install, simply follow the on-screen instructions. For example enter your Google account details.
  11. To check that it is working with the same files as me, some Apps may not work anyway due to genuine incompatibility. Now go to the recommendations for tablets then download Google Maps.
  12. Click on install and wait for the Google Maps install to complete.
  13. Now run Google maps.

If you plan on installing software again via direct download rather than via the Google Play system please note that this opens your system up to vulnerabilities.

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7 Responses to Xelio and the Google Play Store

  1. pa79 says:

    Wow, what?

    My Xelio is running the Google Play store without problems. I don’t remember what I did to install it (upgrading through market place or simply installing an apk file), but it surely never was this complicated procedure.

    • rodmc says:

      Well I always received endless error codes with the original Google Play that was installed, error -101 being the most common. Also if you look on some of the Android forums you will see other people are having the same problem. All that I could get working was AndroidPIT which would often take me to Google Play then say there was an error. All very frustrating. Some other people even took to editing the raw android config files, something which I am glad I never had to do!

      You are right though it is simply a case of installing an APK which is linked in the article.

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  3. Nick says:

    First of all, thanks for the help!

    >3. Download the following file, which is a later version of the Play Store App

    I was just wondering if it’s safe to download this file you recommended, since we don’t know who uploaded. Couldn’t it be an adulterated version?

    • rodmc says:

      Hi Nick, I totally agree with your concerns and cannot vouch for the file. This is also the reason why I state that it is at your own risk. That said, so far I have had no problems with it and I also installed Avast Anti-virus and it has also not detected any problems.

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  5. sarek143 says:

    I managed to copy the app from a backup from my laptop.

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