Paper: Gaming Concepts and Incentives to Change Driver Behaviour

For those interested on using gamification to change commuter mobility behaviour check out our paper  Gaming Concepts and Incentives to Change Driver Behaviour which is available for download you can also find the presentation online as well. This paper is from the I-GEAR project which started in 2012.

Title: Gaming Concepts and Incentives to Change Driver Behaviour

Authors: R McCall and V Koenig

Abstract— In this paper we present a novel concept that deals specifically with changing driver behaviour in order to reduce traffic congestion. The project I-GEAR (incentives and gaming environments for automobile routing) aims to understand the motivations that drivers have while undertaking the daily commute and then to provide them with a range of incentives to change their behaviour. A key focus within the project is on ways in which the
problem could potentially be solved without recourse to an expensive infrastructure project. Our solution to this problem was to move the problem of traffic management onto everyday mobile devices. In the following paper we outline the background to the
problem, concepts relating to pervasive gaming, existing explorations of incentives and gaming approaches as well as our basic concept and project methodology.


About Rod McCall

Rod McCall is a researcher in the field of human-computer interaction in areas such as augmented reality, mobile gaming in-car systems and virtual environments. He has a passing interest in economics after not being entirely convinced by the rubbish presented as fact during lectures on that particular subject while at uni.
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