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Twitter: @rodlux

Welcome to my new website. About me? That’s a tricky one. I am British but live and work in mainland Europe and since 2005 have lived in Luxembourg and Germany. During which time I have been based at LIST, the University of Luxembourg, Fraunhofer FIT and a CRP here in Luxembourg. I work mainly on areas related to human-computer interaction from serious games through augmented reality to in-car systems. In addition to work I am also active in the amateur theatre scene and have been for some years having appeared in around 25 or so productions as an actor, stage manager or producer. The quality no doubt varied but it was all good fun. Past groups have included: Scottish Youth Theatre, Borders Youth Theatre, Bonn Players (Germany) and New World Theatre Club (Luxembourg).

The blog is really about topics of interest to me, for example gamification, in-car games, augmented reality etc. There is also a bit of politics and more practical items such as reviews and guides about specific bits of technology; the last two items I take the view that if I can share an experience about something and if an article about it may be of interest to others then I’ll write about it. Hence any reviews etc are really based around first hand real experiences, rather than something which I am writing about from the position of being a professional reviewer.


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For those who are interested the homepage picture is of Grund in Luxembourg.

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