Selected publications

Below you will find a range of papers which cover topics within the area of human-computer interaction. Within this overall area the themes include usability testing, games, place, presence, autonomous vehicles, driving, interaction with  mobile devices and gamification.

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I am currently updating this page for the years 2017-2019, in the meantime please check Google Scholar (above) for the most current and accurate list.


  • A taxonomy of autonomous vehicle handover situations R McCall, F McGee, A Mirnig, A Meschtscherjakov, N Louveton, T Engel. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 124, 507-522
  • Using Augmented Reality for Radiological Incident Training
    S Maraggi, J Baixauli, R McCall ERCIM NEWS, 28-29
  • Second Workshop on Trust in the Age of Automated Driving
    P Wintersberger, BE Noah, J Kraus, R McCall, AG Mirnig, A Kunze, …
    Adjunct Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces.
  • Towards design recommendations for training of security critical agents in mixed reality environments. JL Huynen, R McCall, M Griffin
    32nd International BCS Human Computer Interaction Conference (HCI 2018)
  • Mixed Reality Collaborative Storytelling. I Gironacci, R McCall, T Tamisier. 32nd International BCS Human Computer Interaction Conference (HCI 2018)


  • Ethics, Privacy and Trust in Serious Gaming (draft/preprint). McCall, R., and L. Baillie  Handbook of Digital Games and Entertainment Technologies, edited by Ryohei Nakatsu, Paolo Ciancarini and Matthias Rauterberg. Springer (2015 living document/2017 publication).
  • Testing a Commercial BCI Device for In-Vehicle Interfaces Evaluation: A Simulator and Real-World Driving Study. Louveton, N., Sengupta, K., McCall, R., Frank, R and T. Engel.  International Journal of Mobile Computing and Multimedia Communications 8(2). IGI · January 2017
  • Locale, an Environment-Aware Storytelling Framework Relying on Augmented Reality T Tamisier, I Gironacci, R McCall
    ERCIM NEWS, 40-41
  • Mobile interaction with and in autonomous vehicles
    A Meschtscherjakov, M Tscheligi, P Fröhlich, R McCall, A Riener, …
    Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services


  • Visual Analytics for Interacting on Cultural Heritage Thomas Tamisier, Roderick McCall, Gabriela Gheorghe, Philippe Pinheiro. International Conference on Cooperative Design, Visualization and Engineering. p 296-299. Springer International Publishing
  • Towards A Taxonomy of Autonomous Vehicle Handover Situations. McCall, R., McGee, F., Meschtcherjakov, A, Louvteon, N and T. Engel. Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Applications.
  • Driving while using a smartphone-based mobility application: Evaluating the impact of three multi-choice user interfaces on visual-manual distraction. T. Louveton, N., McCall, R., Koenig, V., Avanesov, T, Engel. Journal of Applied Ergonomics
    p 196-204. Elsevier.
  • 1st Workshop On situational Awareness in Semi-Autonomous Vehicles. Rod McCall, Martin Baumann, Ioannis Politis, Shadan Sadeghian, Ignacio Alvarez, Alexander Mirnig, Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Manfred Tscheligi, Lewis Chuang, Jacques Terken. Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Applications



Invited Talks

  • Pre-court Energy Efficiency Centre, Stanford University
  • Computer Science Department, UCLA (Santa Monica)





  • Braun, A.K. and R. McCall User Study for Mobile Mixed Reality Devices. In:Kuhlen, Torsten, Coquillart, Sabine and Interrante, Victoria (eds.) Proceedings of the Joint Virtual Reality Conference of EGVE – EuroVR – VEC 2010, Stuttgart, Germany. pp. 89-92.


  • McCall, R. Augmented Realities in Presence for Everyone. A Short Guide to Presence Research. Editor: D. Benyon. Edinburgh Napier University. ISBN: 978-0-9562169-0-8. p53-56.
  • Wagner, I., Broll, W., Jacucci, G. Kuuti, K., McCall, R., Morrison, A., Schmalsteig, D. and J.J. Terrin. On the Role of Presence in Mixed Reality. In Journal of Presence, Tele-operators and Virtual Environments. Issue 18. Vol. 4. pp249-276. MIT Press.


  • McCall, R., Wagner, I., Kuuti, K. & Jaccuci, G. Urban Mixed Realities: Challenges to the Traditional View of Presence. Panel Discussion at Presence 2008, Barcelona. (proposal abstract)
  • Herbst, I, Brain, A.K. McCall, R. and W Broll. Multi-Dimensional City Exploration Through Mixed Reality. IEEE Virtual Reality Conference, 2008. VR’08.  p259-260. Reno Nevada, USA.
  • Wetzel, R., McCall, R., Braun, A., and Broll, W. Guidelines for the Design of Mixed Reality Games. ACM Futureplay Conference, Toronto.
  • McCall R. and Braun, A. Experiences in Evaluating Mixed Reality Games . Special issue on Mixed Realities in the Urban Environment. Vol.6 No 2. pp157-p172. Psychnology Journal.
  • Lindt, I., McCall R. and Braun, A, Measuring Player Experience in Location Aware Games. In the Proceedings of British HCI 2008 Conference. Liverpool, UK.
  • Braun, A, Herbst, I., Broll, W., and McCall R. TimeWarp: interactive time travel with a mobile mixed reality game. In the Proceedings of Mobile HCI 2008. Amsterdam, Netherlands (Best paper award)
  • McCall, R., Wagner, I., Kuuti, K. & Jaccuci, G. Urban Mixed Realities: Technologies, Theories and Frontiers, CHI 2008. Florence, Italy.
  • Ghellal, S., Ohlenberg, J., McCall, R. & Harper, S and Rothauer, J. The 12 Principles of Mixed RealityAnimation, In the Workshop on Urban Mixed Realities: Technologies, Theories and Frontiers. CHI 2008, Florence, Italy.
  • McCall, R. and A. Braun. Where am I? RAVE 08, Barcelona, Spain.
  • McCall, R. , Herbst, I, A. Braun. and Wetzel, R. The “Where” of Mixed Reality: Some Guidelines for Design. In the Proceedings of the CHI Workshop: Urban Mixed Realities: Technologies, Theories and Frontiers, CHI 2008. Florence, Italy.
  • Anne-Kathrin Braun, Johannes Löschner, Rod McCall: Iterative design of a mobile Mixed Reality game GI Jahrestagung (1) 2008: 501-502

Invited Talk

McCall, R. IPCity: Blending Realities. PEACH Summer School, University of Zagreb at Dubrovnik. Croatia

Editing – Journals

McCall, R., Jaccuci, G. & Broll, W. Mixed Realities in the Urban Environment (Special Issue). Vol6. No.2. Psychnology Journal

McCall, R., Grueter, B., Baillie, L., Braun, A. Evaluating Player Experiences in Location Aware Games. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, Springer


  • McCall, R. Mixed Reality: Life on the Streets. KEHO.

Invited Talk
McCall, R. IPCity. PEACH Summer School, Santorini, Greece




  • McCall, R., O’Neill, S., Carroll, F. and Benyon, D. The Presence Probe. In , Workshop on Designing and Evaluating Virtual Reality Systems. University of Nottingham, UK.
  • McCall, R., O’Neill, S., Smyth, M. , Benyon, D. and Carroll, F. A Method for Designing Virtual Places. In , Presence 2004 . Valencia, Spain (poster and abstract/paper in proceedings)
  • O’Neill, S., McCall, R. and Carroll, F. Measuring Presence in Virtual Environments (Video).Conference on Human Factors in Computing 2004: CHI’2004, Vienna, Austria.
  • O’Neill, S., McCall, R., Smyth, M. and Benyon, D. Probing the Sense of Place. In The Proceedings of the International Workshop on Presence 2004. Valencia, Spain


  • McCall, R. and Benyon, D. Navigation: Within and Beyond the Metaphor in Interface Design. In Hook, K, Benyon, D and Munro A.J. (Eds.),Designing Information Spaces: The Social Navigation Approach/ 355-384. : Springer-Verlag. 1-85233-661-7
  • Turner, S. , Turner, P. , Carroll, F. , O’Neill, S., Benyon, D., McCall, R. and Smyth, M. Re-creating the Botanics: towards a sense of place in virtual environments. Paper presented at 3rd UK Conference of the Environmental Psychology Network.
  • McCall, R. The Place of Space in User Interface Design. In , Workshop on Space Spatiality and Technology . Napier University, Edinburgh, UK.