Work Overview

What I do

I am a lead researcher based in the field of human-computer interaction. These days I am applying HCI to areas such as the environment, automotive and national security areas. I am currently based at LIST (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology) and prior to that I founded and led the IGNITE research team at the University of Luxembourg. During my years at the University of Luxembourg. I attracted around €4.5m in grants for the institution from the EC, FNR and industry.  The projects were worth in excess of €18m In October 2015 I moved to LIST.

Since joining LIST I have increasingly focused my work on environmental areas, including behaviour change through ICT, crisis and disaster management (situation awareness including the use of augmented reality) and (semi)-autonomous vehicles.

A Brief CV

  • Lead Researcher in ERIN (Environmental Research and Innovation) at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (Oct. 2015 onwards).
  • Researcher and Leader of IGNITE Research Collective at SnT, University of Luxembourg (October 2010 until September 2015). Attracted approx. €4m in funding from the EC, FNR and Industry.
  • Researcher at Fraunhofer FIT, Germany from 2006-2010. Deputy Head of CVAE Department from 2009-2010 (now known as MARS).
  • Research Fellow CRP-Gabriel Lippmann Luxembourg (now LIST) and Fraunhofer FIT Germany.
  • Senior Research Fellow, Napier University Edinburgh.
  • Senior Strategic Officer, Runtime Revolution Ltd
  • Research Assistant, Napier University Edinburgh