Study Participants Wanted

Starting from next week we are looking for participants to take part in four studies:

  1. Gamification and privacy (location: anywhere in the world). We are looking for people to take part in a study using mobile phones and gamification. Time: Now
  2. Driving Simulator Studies (location: Luxembourg-Walferdange). We are exploring human factors issues associated with device interaction while driving. Time: Now
  3. Driver Diaries (location: Luxembourg). We are looking for people to help us find out more about mobility patterns in Luxembourg. Time: September.
  4. Study of Electronic and Paper Voting (Location: Luxembourg-Kirchberg): We are looking for people to take part in a study of electronic and paper voting techniques. Time: Now

If you are interested in taking part please email me via the contact form.

The studies are being conducted by members of various groups at the University of Luxembourg including: the IGNITE research collective (IGNITE flyer), the APSIA Research group and the HCI RAG.

We adhere to international ethical standards regarding the collection and use of data. Also the data protection authority (CNPD) here in Luxembourg has been notified about the three projects that are organising the above studies.

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People in Britain Go Hungry

It comes as a surprise to many but in the UK a total 13m people live below the poverty line and around 350,000 people rely on foodbanks to be able to eat. The number is currently rising rapidly thanks the policy of punishing the poor that seems to delight the UK Government. The rightwing Spectator magazine even celebrated this number by saying that it shows how welfare can be taken on by the voluntary sector and how it illustrates a good community spirit. While I agree the latter is always a good thing, I do not see that more people using them should be seen as sign of a successful country.

Anyway please do donate to the Trussell Trust which is one of many organisations across the UK feeding people who would otherwise go hungry.

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Paper: An Ambient Workplace for Raising Awareness of Internet-Based Cooperation

I recently came into possession of this paper I wrote along with some colleagues from CRP-GL a number of years ago.  Although from 2006 it may still be of use to some others on here.

An Ambient Workplace for Raising Awareness of Internet-Based Cooperation
Benoît Otjacques, Rod McCall and Fernand Feltz

Abstract. This paper discusses a prototype desktop ambient display system
known as the Ambient Workplace (AW) that is used to visualise some aspects
of cooperation among a group of co-workers. The AW draws on the ambient
technology paradigm by providing a visualisation that represents the
interactions of the co-workers (either individuals or groups) in their peripheral
attention zone. The paper discusses the development of a prototype system
based on a series of indices and uses a maritime flags metaphor. The paper also
presents some early results from a user study.

Appeared: In the Proceedings of CDVE.2006, Mallorca.Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer Verlag. 

Download paper from here.

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New Paper/Nouvel Article: Applications embarquées/mobiles dans la voiture : quels outils pour la conception et l’évaluation?

Applications embarquées/mobiles dans la voiture : quels outils pour la conception et l’évaluation? Louveton, N., Koenig, V., Avanesov, T., McCall, R. 7ème Colloque de Psychologie ergonomique EPIQUE 2013 Activités humaines, Technologies et Bien-être Bruxelles, 10 – 12 juillet 2013

Abstract: Les systèmes d’infotainment embarqués dans les véhicules sont amenés à se multiplier davantage dans les années à venir. Bien que cette tendance mette en évidence la nécessité de comprendre et d’optimiser la charge attentionnelle placée sur le conducteur, force est de constater qu’il existe peu de données et d’outils communs pour la conception et l’évaluation de tels systèmes. Nous présentons deux directions que la communauté doit poursuivre pour améliorer cette situation ainsi qu’une plate-forme de simulation automobile que nous développons et dont l’architecture favorise la ré-utilisation des composants logiciels et la reproductibilité des résultats.

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Texas “Outlaws” Tampons

Do you remember the saying “guns don’t kill Tampons do”? Well apparently over in America’s sanest state the senate is to restrict the bringing in of feminine hygiene products in order to prevent angry women from throwing them at their dumb ass Senators during the up and coming abortion debate. It is of course apparently still ok to bring in a gun. The action follows a record 13-hour filibuster by State Sen. Wendy Davis who was aided by women in the gallery throwing the said items when she talked out a previous attempt to pass the anti-abortion legislation.

More information can be found at: Think Progress

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