Early LuxFibre Experiences

Decent Internet speeds could be coming to or are already in your street…. but they ain’t cheap.

Until recently I had slow standard DSL and no ability to get any TV, fortunately as of this week though I had P&T’s new LuxFibre service installed. TV costs roughly another €20 extra. The basic package is about €60 per month for 50/25mb (upload/download), which is a marked improvement on the 8/0.5 mb I had until recently. In particular Skype calls and other video services should be markedly better due to the higher upload rate.

As for installation be warned that this can take a while, in my case it took 7 hours to get the cables fully into my apartment and I live on the third floor which makes it altogether more tricky for them. They did however turn up exactly on time and they tried endlessly till it worked. You may however experience problems with your existing router as in my case this blocked anything above 4mb (download), even if officially it supported much more.

Speedwise so far it’s not too bad, download hits a max of 42mbps and uploads are almost as promised (well when checked via SpeedText.net).  I will write more about the experience shortly after I receive the installation bill:) I suspect that part will be what I enjoy least.

Alternatives are available like the old Eltrona cable TV system which offers good download rates but uploads remain slower. Also they cap the bandwidth per month. Other providers also offer high speed Internet but I have heard mixed stories about the promised versus actual speeds and quality of the customer service. Remember that P&T is the incumbent and often provides the cables in the streets, therefore if the problem is serious it may end up being referred to them anyway and if you are a customer of another provider expect a lot of buck passing when things go wrong.

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Driver Diaries in Luxembourg

Our study into commuter behaviour in Luxembourg has now started. If you have an Android phone and would like to take part please visit: www.igear.lu

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IGNITE Information

For those of you interested in some more up to date information on what we are doing within the IGNITE (interaction, games and novel interface technologies) collective here at the University of Luxembourg please check out our flyer and poster below form the recent ICT Spring event. We specialise in areas such as: in-car systems, human-computer interaction, gamification, augmented reality and more…



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New Paper – Touch by Touch: Promoting Cultural Awareness With Multitouch Gaming

A short workshop paper which has just been presented about some on-going work that uses a combination of games, multitouch interaction and telepresence technologies to bring two museums in Europe closer together. The work forms the basis of a platform known as “Twin Cities” which will be used to let any two locations share exhibitions and content and to bring their visitors/users closer together.

Abstract: This paper presents a work in progress focused on facilitation of cross-cultural awareness between citizens of two European cities. We aim to engage visitors of telecom museums in Athens and Luxembourg to learn more about both cities by means of collaborative games played on multitouch tables. We also explore how live video-to-video streaming influences players’ behaviour and collaboration with remote players.

Download the paper: Touch by Touch: Promoting Cultural Awareness With Multitouch Gaming.

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Driver Diaries Starts Soon in Luxembourg

Our project I-GEAR will shortly launch it’s Driver Diaries mobile application. The app will help us gain a better understanding of the commuter habits of those working in Luxembourg. The study is being organised by PhD student Martin Kracheel who will use it as a basis for his work and forms a core part of the project We were recently Interviewed on Radio ARA about I-GEAR and Driver Diaries.

For more info or to sign up please visit www.igear.lu

Credit also goes to all those involved in making the app work from the other post-docs to the student research assistants.

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