The Trump Dossier is Pure Gold

Let’s be honest the US has probably been doing these kind of influence operations in Russia for years. It has also had considerable success in planting friendly regimes through coups, election manipulation and killings in many countries in Central and Southern America such as Chile and El Salvador. Let us not also forget the links it kept with Marcos in the Philippines. So in many ways it seems only fair that it has now been targeted by what is a clearly highly effective operation. Indeed even we  British have a “proud” tradition of dealing with democracy when we don’t like it, we just have those that oppose us massacred. Just ask the Indian government, although Prince Philip said it was probably not that many that were killed, so that is probably ok then.  In the end through no country should be attempting to influence the will of the people in another country and thankfully India is now free of the terrible colonial rule that it suffered in the past.

While we all focus on the attacks on Trump, there are also a few other allegations which if true are interesting. Some are below.

  • Medvedev and Putin appear not to agree on everything, with Medvedev disagreeing with the idea that Russia should intervene in the democratic process in another country; especially the USA.
  • Russia apparently had some role in the Turkish coup, however it seems to be connected to one Putin aid only so far. If I were Erdogan I would be far more interested in looking out for Russian influence than some feared Gulen movement.
  • Green Party candidate Jill Stein allegedly received Russian support to attend a meeting in Moscow.
  • Michael Flynn, Trump’s  National Security Advisor also received funds to visit Moscow.

It’s also worth noting that many leading Brexit politicians in the UK have received Russian money to visit interesting places and even write nice articles about why the people of Crimea agree with the Russian invasion. I would urge anyone to go through the register of members interests of the UK Parliament and there you will find some interesting names associated to somewhat strange organisations. Let us not forget that Le Pen also received money from a Russian Bank in the form of loans to fund her party. The said bank is currently taking the FN to court for non-payment. Probably a smoke screen!

All these issues aside it can hardly be a surprise to anyone that Trump is perceived as a major asset to Russia. He will split Europe, split NATO and for that matter split the US Elite. I am now just awaiting more trouble for the Baltic states, coupled with no support from Trump.


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Why Islamic Extremists and UKIP Supporters are Almost Best Friends

France 24’s The 51 Percent presented by Annette Young carried the shocking story that in some French cities women are no-longer allowed to visit cafes (see the video above). The video shows that women cannot walk freely or indeed just go for a coffee and is as the program puts it, down to cultural differences. In reality it is down to areas predominantly following stricter versions of Islam. Now, I have worked and socialised with enough Muslims (of both genders) to know that this is not the way that many would have it. Indeed as the video shows it is the Muslim women who are railing against the rather ignorant men that they come across – good on them!

The kind of segregation on show in this video is precisely the reason why far right groups in Europe are gaining ground. We have had UKIP, their allies the BNP and many senior British Conservatives who used these kind of examples to encourage Brexit, when in reality Islam and Brexit are two totally different issues. We have AFD in Germany which has capitalised on the attacks on the women in Cologne and the recent terror attacks. Both unacceptable in their own right. While in France, Le Pen makes a big issue of these kind of matters. Let’s be honest Le Pen should be making a big issue about this kind of segregation as it is totally unacceptable. However, as we have seen in the UK such dog whistle, single issue politics only leads to votes going to the far right such as UKIP/BNP who use such issues to mask their own true colours and policies.  This is a double whammy as the Front Nationale was never exactly an advocate of women’s rights,  meanwhile UKIP, BNP and many British Conservatives have never supported equal pay for women and indeed have even said that allowing women to work has undermined society. While I am fairly sure that Marine Le Pen is probably not going to do herself out of a job just because she is a woman, it really remains to be seen how many of the party old guard actually like having a woman in charge. Furthermore, it should be noted that the views of many stricter and extreme Muslims is not in reality that far off many extreme conservative Christian groups. Indeed the Church of England has battled for years over the issue of the ordination of women and the Catholic Church is somewhat more lamentable on this subject.

In summary all this means that the extremist Islamic groups are winning, they are essentially getting parties like UKIP, The BNP, right-wing British Conservatives and FN into leading electoral positions which in turn will mean less rights for women or a best no more advances. There is just one flaw in the extremists argument in that they will now face a greater chance of kicked out of their respective countries but at least they will have left their values behind!



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Brexit: Bad Winners Syndrome

Charles Goerens MEP. Calling for UK Nationals to be Given EU Natioanlity.

Charles Goerens MEP. Calling for UK Nationals to be Given EU Nationality.

MEPs are currently debating if UK nationals could be given or retain EU nationality after Brexit. The move proposed by Luxembourg MEP Charles Goerens would make it possible for EU nationality to live beyond state membership through an associate members programme. The plan seems sensible as it would help to allow those who already live in Europe to remain with full rights, this is especially important when dealing certain issues such as residency, movement within the EU (even  just for a weekend holiday) and voting rights in EU elections. All of these are in stark contrast to the threat to deport EU nationals that Theresa May has proposed.

The proposal by Goerens would in effect elevate the moral superiority of the EU over the UK in terms of migration, human and political rights by in essence putting the European ideals above petty national politics. This is in stark contrast to the UK where the removal of human rights for UK and EU nationals has become a priority following Brexit. Indeed it has become part of the negotiation sphere with many Brexiters calling for the UK to revoke previously basic human rights in order to secure chips during the Brexit negotiations roulette game. It would also help the EU return to it’s founding ideas which were largely derived from a desire not repeat the mistakes of WW2 by embracing human rights, free trade and free movement of people.

The Goerens’s plan has of course received some criticism from Brexit supporters, in particular UK MP Andrew Bridgen who told The Guardian “It’s an attempt to create two classes of UK citizen and to subvert the referendum vote. The truth is that Brussels will try every trick in the book to stop us leaving.”. So not only are they content with playing the anti-immigration (read racism) card during the referendum to win but they also seem hell bent on destroying the lives of UK Nationals living in Europe. In essence again they offer nothing in terms of a way forward but seem hell bent on making threats against those who did not support Brexit, attempt to destroy their lives in an some cases even want them charged with treason for criticising Brexit. Bad winners if ever there were any!

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UK Government refuses to Condemn Death Threats

With death threats being made against court case victor Gina Miller and the media calling for the judges to be removed (including trying to out an already out judge) one would imagine that Theresa May would be calling for calm. Instead silence! One social media post about Gina Miller called for her to be given two shots in the head and put out with the trash. Again total silence from Liam Fox and his friends.

On a more silly note a US TV sports anchor with the same name suddenly had 28,000 Twitter followers after she was mistaken for the other Miller. Sadly though she also received death threats, again silence from the UK Government. One can only imagine that Liam Fox and Theresa May agree with acts of violence against their real or mistaken opponents.

More information at The Guardian

BBC News Story on the US Gina Miller.

This should be put in context, so far we have had racist attacks on foreigners in the UK, at least two Brexit related murders and calls for supporting remain to be made into an act of treason.

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Brexit Facts

In light of today’s court ruling I decided to put a quick summary of the status of Brexit so far. Please find an unbiased list of points below.

  • The Government’s plan to avoid a vote in Parliament is ruled illegal. Parliament now to have a vote unless the Government wins an appeal in the Supreme Court or at European Court level (oh the irony).
  • Atleast two people murdered as a result of Brexit and possibly a third. One MP and two members of the public (both EU nationals living in the UK).
  • 16% rise in reported hate crimes, 300% around the time of the vote itself. These include Nazi symbols being put on Polish centres, assaults on foreigners and letters posted through foreigners doors. No rise in hate crimes in Scotland. Many Brexit journalists dismiss the rise as political correctness in reporting gone mad.
  • Russian “in-kind benefits” found to have made their way to leading Brexiters (Source: The Times). The result was Tory politicians supporting the Russian invasion of Crimea.
  • Tory Councillor initiates a petition to have those who continue to support staying in the EU to be prosecuted under treason laws. Petition disappears.
  • UKIP and Right wing press call for war on the judges who ruled against them.
  • Death threats made against those who took the Government to court and won.
  • UK Government threatens to name and shame employers who employ foreigners, in particular those with staff members from the EU.
  • UK Government refuses to rule out deporting EU nationals post-Brexit, saying that this requires negotiation.
  • UK Government states that those who continue to criticise Brexit are not patriotic or true Brits.
  • The three Brexiteers (negotiators) David D, Boris J. and Liam F.  are now on such bad speaking terms they had to arrange a meeting on neutral territory in order to help overcome some differences.

On the plus side:

  • UK population voted for Brexit by a margin of 51.9% to 48%, the people spoke. Scotland voted to stay in Europe.
  • Brexiters who called for UK Parliament to be supreme express outrage that it will be given a role in some aspects of Brexit.
  • New hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland now likely. This may lead to an increase in crime around the border.
  • Boris Johnson did not become PM.
  • UKIP showed it’s true colours by letting two MEPs “scuffle” in the European Parliament. One ended up in hospital, he subsequently said the party was out of control.
  • The estimated 350m UKP saved per week by leaving the EU will actually be saved and not spent on the Health Service, thus helping to reduce the deficit and helping to increase deaths among the lower classes who cannot afford private healthcare. So natural selection! Ironically these were also the people/areas which voted for Brexit.
  • European Union is set to save hundreds of millions as subsidies to Wales and Northern Ireland will cease post-Brexit.
  • Nigel Farage says he will disappear from politics but promptly re-emerges as UKIP interim leader.
  • In an interview a major Leave donor openly admits to using lies to win the referendum (Source: The New Statesman).
  • UK Government internal report predicts a GDP contraction of only 9.5% as a result of Brexit.
  • There is no hard or soft Brext, just Brexit according to the EU. Thus keeping any decision and negotiating positions quite simple to understand.
  • No clear plan from the Government, they say that this is to prevent them from having to give away their negotiating hand.

Despite these facts the people voted for Brexit and that decision even if I do not agree with it  should be respected but it must be subject to scrutiny by Parliament. Whatever kind Brexit occurs I hope people do not end up losing their jobs or seeing a decline in key public services such as the NHS.

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