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Computer Insecurity

I should qualify this post by saying that I am not a computer security researcher or expert but I do work in a research centre which works extensively in this area. Anyway it seems that over the last week or … Continue reading

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Review: Oovoo

There is little on this earth to beat the expensive Cisco telepresence rooms that you can find across the world, but at several hundred Euros per hour they are not the cheapest option. So for the rest of us there … Continue reading

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In Search of a New Skype?

  After about eight years of using Skype am I the only one who has found that the quality has started to get worse? I pay for Skype both for calls to landlines and also for the premium service so … Continue reading

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Review: Google Nexus 7

Quite simply this is an excellent little tablet and given it was reduced to €189 when I bought it also excellent value! If you want more information then please read on. Specification wise the device comes with 16GB of storage … Continue reading

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North Korea Launches Android Tablet?

Well not quite the country but Talk Android reports that a company there appears to be launching a tablet. I didn’t even know that such a closed country had tablets and personally I would have through such a closed country … Continue reading

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