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VW SmileDrive

Google and VW have teamed up to gamify driving, by giving points for driving more than 100 miles or when passing another VW driver – you can see where the latter is going in terms of branding and gamification 🙂 … Continue reading

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Computer Insecurity

I should qualify this post by saying that I am not a computer security researcher or expert but I do work in a research centre which works extensively in this area. Anyway it seems that over the last week or … Continue reading

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Snooping: Mobile Apps, The Cloud and Data Privacy

We are about to embark on some major work which will involve using mobile applications and storing data on people. As we are ethically nice people we have all sorts of policies in place about the use, storage and ultimately … Continue reading

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Google vs Bing – no contest really and Yahoo is well….hmm

My blog gets quite a lot of visitors everyone month so I decided to look at where everyone comes from. If my blog is representative then Google should be very pleased and Microsoft (Bing) more than a little annoyed. Yahoo … Continue reading

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Review: Google Nexus 7

Quite simply this is an excellent little tablet and given it was reduced to €189 when I bought it also excellent value! If you want more information then please read on. Specification wise the device comes with 16GB of storage … Continue reading

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