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I-GEAR Driver Simulator Makes Some More Progress

In addition to the driver diaries work our car simulator is taking more rapid shape. Although a large part of it has been running since last year there is always more to be done or improvements to be made. The … Continue reading

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Paper: Driving Simulator

Title: Towards a Simple City Driving Simulator Based on Speed Dreams and OSM Tigran Avanesov, Nicolas Louveton, Roderick McCall, Vincent Koenig, Martin Kracheel A short work-in-progress paper which we recently presented at Auto UI 2012. Abstract:┬áThis paper presents an architecture … Continue reading

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Programming in Usability Oriented Teams – Part 1

I have to confess I started in the area of computer science, so I really was into stuff like assembler (6502/68k – hmm I’m old), C and more quirky languages such as Prolog and Lisp. However, as much as I … Continue reading

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