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Boris’s Brexit Jitters

Twas the day of the glorious victory, when finally having effectively destroyed David Cameron’s career and taken Britain out of Europe, Boris finally realised what he had done. Anyone who watched his victory speech could be forgiven for thinking that … Continue reading

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UK Government continues Anti-Foreigner Onslaught

Britain’s very own Marine Le Pen, Amber Rudd MP (UK Home Secretary) this week announced plans which will force companies to disclose how many foreign employees they have. In a policy not dissimilar to Nazi Germany when symbols were put … Continue reading

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Don’t worry only 52% of Britain Supports Racists

While some Brexit supporters are probably not racist, who knows perhaps even the majority? It is clear that the UK is heading for a new period where racism is acceptable. The Huffington PostĀ for example reports more than 300 hate crimes … Continue reading

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Brexit and it’s Friend Racism: The underlying reasons for leaving the EU!

“You know you are on the right side of the political divide when Wilders and Le Pen congratulate you!” In 2005 I left the UK for the EU for what was then an 18 month stint in “mainland Europe”. Mainland … Continue reading

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