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Why you should never bank in Britain!!

For years I warned people in the UK about the dodgy practices of British banks, in particular the use of excessive fees to bankrupt individuals and businesses so that the self-same banks could in turn buy the assets back on … Continue reading

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Britain set to End Human Rights Protection Laws

One of the main reasons for people in the UK voting to leave the EU (in addition to disliking foreigners) was the abolition of the European Human Rights legislation. Indeed as reported on The Canary the new Government has moved … Continue reading

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Yet More Snooping In Britain

Two interesting bits of info this week in the UK, as if privacy actually mattered there. Firstly, spying bins which look for wifi signals from passing mobile phones and use them to target advertising and no doubt other data at … Continue reading

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Thatcher Dies

The death of Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady! If like me you lived through the Thatcher years in the UK then you will ┬áprobably have positive and negative memories. Personally I think she was the right person for the first … Continue reading

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