New Paper: Using Gamification and Metaphor to Design a Mobility Platform for Commuters

Our paper on Using Gamification and Metaphor to Design a Mobility Platform for Commuters (McCall, Koenig and Kracheel) has now been published in The International Journal of Mobile Human-Computer Interaction.

Abstract: In this paper the authors explain the use of gamification as a way to optimize mobility patterns within a heavily congested European City. They explore this from two perspectives, first by outlining a gaming concept and secondly by explaining how the use of a mobility game that took place in two locations can be used to explore incentives and design issues.

About Rod McCall

Rod McCall is a researcher in the field of human-computer interaction in areas such as augmented reality, mobile gaming in-car systems and virtual environments. He has a passing interest in economics after not being entirely convinced by the rubbish presented as fact during lectures on that particular subject while at uni.
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