Teufel Raumfeld Connector 2 and Qobuz

Stream any audio to your Connector 2. This advice should also work with Spotify, Simfy and other services.

While the Connector 2 offers decent sound quality for the money many features are geo-locked, for example in Luxembourg nothing except TuneIn radio works, which is kind of annoying when you thought that you could get Spotify or even Simfy. Fortunately though you can get even better quality sound than either of these two services if you use  Jamcast and Qobuz. Jamcast lets you stream music files and any audio from your PC directly to DLNA devices, the one draw back is you must have your PC on and it’s not the easiest thing to set up. Also when you first see it you may think you can stream services such as Spotify from your Android tablet but sadly this is not the case.

What is Jamcast?

It is basically a server which runs your PC and handles streaming media to DLNA devices. It supports your music files as well as any audio that is currently playing on your PC via a “virtual sound card”. You can try out the free version for a while but it is limited while the paid version costs less than €12.

What is Qobuz?

Unlike many other services such as Spotify, Qobuz offers unlimited CD quality streaming for about €20 per month, which is about twice what rivals such as Spotify charge but they only offer lower quality MP3 streams. You can get an MP3 option but there is little point in that as it is the CD quality streaming which is the big plus, indeed on a reasonably decent hifi you really can tell the difference there are simply more aspects of the music present and I don’t have an expensive audio system! Qobuz also offers (for more cash, discounts for subscribers) the option to download music at CD and higher quality.

Is Jamcast easy to use with the connector 2?

I found it a bit tricky but not impossible, at first the two simply would not talk. Once it was working the sound quality was also poor but the this was overcome by setting the sound devices audio quality on the PC to DVD quality and not running the PC audio through the HDMI output anymore. One issue I have noticed also is that the Connector 2 appears twice in the device list.

If you can’t get the two working (even if they see each other) try the following tips below:

  1.  Uninstall the Jamcaster application, then logout of your PC and back in again.
  2. Reset and re-install the Connector 2, do this my re-initiating the setup and giving the device a new name. Follow the normal Teufel instructions.
  3. While the setup is going on re-install the Jamcaster server software.
  4. Once the Teufel Connector App has got to the setup for music sources, select Jamcaster as one of them. Then complete the set up procedure.
  5. Next on the Jamcaster server app select The Connector 2 device Name from “Play to:” menu in the Windows dock.
  6. Open up the  Windows audio mixer and you should see your range of outputs, one being “Jamcast”.
  7. Now open up Qobuz or indeed any other audio program and play the tune of your choice. Qobuz shows up in the Windows audio mixer. If it does not show up restart it.
  8. You need to check your volume is on for Qobuz and the Jamcaster mixer.
  9. Now check the Teufel Connector App on your mobile device if all is well it should show up as some content from “Jamcaster” being played.
  10. If you experience poor audio quality one tip I have read online suggests plugging in headphones (also make sure output audio devices are set to DVD quality).
  11. If you can see everything but it is still now working trying logging back out and in again. Also always check the Jamcast server is playing to the Connector 2. This setting can disappear sometimes.

This is not an ideal solution as it require sa PC to be running but it does have one advantage in that you can use any streaming provider. Jamcaster seems to send the audio in WAV format and with Qobuz this was at 1500Kbps which is CD quality.  The only issue is that you cannot select the music to play from your tablet or phone you must do it from the PC where the Jamcast server is installed. I will try to write a better guide soon but the tips above worked for me after many hours /days of frustration.


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Rod McCall is a researcher in the field of human-computer interaction in areas such as augmented reality, mobile gaming in-car systems and virtual environments. He has a passing interest in economics after not being entirely convinced by the rubbish presented as fact during lectures on that particular subject while at uni.
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