Despite working with more recent and advanced technologies such as mixed reality, and semi-autonomous cars I am also interested in playing around with Raspberry Pi and retro computing equipment. One computer from the past I remain a huge fan of is the Atari 800XL, and the related 8-bit computing line. So this computing section will focus on my non-work related IT stuff.

Atari 8-Bit Computers

Image by Evan Amos, Wikipedia, creative commons 3.0 licence.

The Atari 800XL was designed by Jay Miner, who went on to design the much more successful Commodore Amiga. One reason I am a fan of the former is that it was the first system I really learned to programme on, things such as graphics, games, different programming languages and even playing around with hardware protocols. It is also the computer that got me online. In order to relive some childhood memories I bought one on Ebay, and intend to play around with it again. So let see what we can do with 64k. Later on I plan to do some silly projects with my first computer and also one I grew very fond of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Perhaps the “sleek” brown and beige design coupled with silver buttons are not quite so fashionable these days.